October 21, 2021

Modern Software Management Methodologies: Waterfall vs. Agile

Figure 01: Waterfall vs. Agile (By lizparody)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Model when comparing it with Waterfall Model

Agile Model

Agile development model is also a type of Incremental model. Software is created in rapid, gradual cycles. As a result, small incremental releases are made, with each one building on the previous one’s functionality. To ensure that software quality is preserved, each release is thoroughly reviewed. It’s used in time-sensitive applications.

Advantages of Agile model:

  • Customer satisfaction is achieved by the implementation of useful applications in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Method and tools are less important than people and experiences. Customers, developers, and testers are continually in contact.
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.

Disadvantages of Agile model:

  • It can be difficult to estimate the effort needed at the start of the software development life cycle for certain software deliverables, especially large ones.
  • If the customer representative is unclear about the desired result, the project may quickly become derailed.

Waterfall Model

The first Process Model to be adopted was the Waterfall Model. A linear-sequential life cycle model is another name for it. It is really easy to comprehend and use. In a waterfall model, each step must be completed before moving on to the next, and the phases do not overlap.

Advantages of Waterfall model:

  • Simple and easy to understand and use.
  • Because of the model’s rigidity, it’s simple to handle. There are unique deliverables and a review process for each step.
  • For smaller projects with well-defined specifications, this method works well.

Disadvantages of Waterfall model:

  • Until the end of the life cycle, no working software is made.
  • High amounts of risk and uncertainty.
  • Not ideal for projects with a moderate to high chance of change in specifications. As a result, this process model has a high level of risk and uncertainty.


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